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The Story of WeChip

WeChip is a Fintech company founded in 2017 by 2 entrepreneurs who have 10 years of experience in Cards & Payments industry. Main goal of WeChip is to prepare high quality solutions in the best available timelines to their customers using the experience in Cards & Payments industry.

WeChip is ready to offer products on Terminal Simulator, Instant & Central Card Personalization, Contact & Contactless EMV Kernel Products and have necessary knowledge to prepare solutions to their customers in Mobile Payment, Issuer and Acquirer system solutions to match their requirements. With the deep knowledge on EMV, WeChip team will be supporting their customers on EMV Trainings and Card Profile Validation Consultancy Services.

We continuously follow new Fintech trends like Crypto Currency, IoT, Wearable Payments, Mobile Payments and can support our clients to find best matching solution for them. With the support of our experts, you can get the most suitable innovative technology easily.

Training & Consultancy


Training & Consultancy

With 10 years of experience, our team supported remarkable count of EMV Migration and have been giving consultancy all over the world.

We can help you to complete your EMV Migration successfully, change your all infrastructure end-to-end according to your requirements. CPV and VPA is our expertise and you will get unlimited support to ensure both EMVCo and other security standards.

WeChip EMV Training Sessions will help you to equip your teams with full EMV Knowledge. With this training sessions, your team will gather detailed information about EMV Architecture, learn issuing and acquiring system details as Card Management, Authorizing, POS Management etc.

EMV Key Management, Card Profiles and Personalization lessons will be explained in Advanced EMV Training Sessions.



POS Applications

If you are a Payment Terminal vendor and specialized on hardware side only, WeChip will glad to support you on software side.

We are ready to create terminal applications for all institutions vendor independent. Both unattended and attended terminals can be used for any type of projects as Transportation, Standard Banking POS Applications, ECR/POS Applications, Loyalty Applications, Telecom Operator Applications and Food Card Applications.


Card Applets

Do you need a smart card application for your new business model? Do you need a new smart card application development? WeChip is experted on EMV and ready to develop Java/Multos Card Applets for you. With our deep experience on chip, we are ready to help you any type of card applet development project.


Mobile Payment

World is changing and now technology touches the financial industry. We are ready to develop mobile wallet to have your financial cards on your smart phones. Besides, wearable smart devices are another way of carrying your mobile wallet and we are working on innovative R&D Projects for wearable devices.


Project Management & Business Analysis Consultancy

If you want to have a higher level of success for your software projects, you have to bring the right resources together. Our expertised team will help you to find correct ways for payment system Project management, according to PMI standards. Read More...


Transportation & Smart Cities

While using the latest technology mobile phones and changing them almost on every 2 years, why we still use same transportation method and not changing it with a modern way.

WeChip is ready to provide any support to determine the suitable transportation method to customers. Your city may have the oldest traditional tickets and close-loop can suit you well on first step. Or you may consider changing your close-loop system with the open-loop architecture. Paying with mobile phone using HCE can make life easier for people living / visiting your city.

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