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EMV Simulator

EMV Simulator Solution is prepared to perform EMV transactions on Desktop PC environment without using a physical EMV Payment accepting terminal device.

Solution can be used both EMV experts, to analyze all EMV steps on both Card and Terminal sides by checking APDU commands and the background operations of terminal, or can be used as a training tool to get all details of EMV transaction knowledge.

About EMV Simulator

Issuer Authorization Simulator is present in the solution which verifies card cryptogram (ARQC), generates ARPC and Issuer scripts. Users can generate requests for commonly used Issuer Scripts and WeChip EMV Simulator will be managing rest of Scripting process.

Solution supports both with Contact & Contactless card readers and can work with various card brands like Mastercard, Visa, Troy, Amex, JCB etc. Mastercard, Visa and Troy are already supported in the solution for both Contact & Contactless transactions and all of other Payment Schemes can be integrated while requested.

Main purpose of this application is to deeply analyze behaviors of terminals and cards with different configurations on both sides. Solution can be used as an analyzing tool while determining the configurations of both cards and terminals before deploying them to live environment.

Solution is card manufacturer agnostic, only requirement is the applet inside the card to be EMV compatible.

Supported Applications

Contact: Visa 1.5, MasterCard MChip 4, MasterCard MChip Advance, Troy

Contactless: Visa VCPS 2.1, MasterCard MChip4 Contactless, MasterCard MChip Advance Contactless, Troy Contactless.

Ready for Visa 1.6, VCPS 2.2, Discover and Amex.

  • All EMV transaction can be traced easily. Card -> Terminal and Terminal -> Card APDU commands are shown for entire transaction.
  • No additional hardware required for computer based licensing.
  • Common EMV Card Tags & Application Specific Card Tags can be seen with the values.
  • Values of bitwise tags are shown with the bit details to understand easily.
  • All Terminal Parameters can be configured to check behaviors of both Card and Terminal on EMV transaction.
  • CA Public Keys can be Inserted / Deleted from the application to support all transactions for the enabled Payment Schemes.
  • Issuer Master Keys can be set or changed to make Issuer Authorization & Scripting simulator work true.
  • Exporting all Cards and Terminal tags with various commonly used file formats.
  • Failure reasons of EMV transactions can be seen detailed by explanation of TVR and CVR.
  • No external software requirement.
  • Issuer Script processing with the definition of scripts before the EMV transaction.
  • ARQC validation, ARPC generation.
  • Dynamic ARPC Code Definition.

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